How to generate a Permission Workbook?

1. Login to SpringTool with your Account
2. Login to your Salesforce Org via SpringTool
3. Access the Permission Workbook page from the Audit Menu

By doing so, you visualize all the Profiles and Permission Sets in your Org.

4. Use the filters to make your selection
  • The filters above the Label and Name columns allow the caption of elements that correspond to a character or a string contained in a text field.
  • The filter above the Type column allows the caption of elements according to their type, Permission Set or Profile.
5. Each time you add a filter, hit the Filter button to see the refined selection
6. Click Generate Permission Workbook button
  • A successful message should appear and your request will be visible in the Workbooks History table where you can follow its Status
  • Workbooks are processed asynchronously

7. When the process of generating a Permission Workbook is done, you will receive an email notification with a link to download it.
  • The download of the Permission Workbook can be done either by using the link from the email notification or from the workbooks History table.

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